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View your websites traffic and statistics from within your concrete5 dashboard.   The Stats package is integrated with concrete5, so you can get a better idea of whats going on, who has been visiting, and their paths through your site. It's even integrated with some other concrete5 blocks so you know what interfaces they're clicking on!

What's Included with Stats:

  • Popularity: A graph of traffic history (visits and page views), by day, week or year 
  • Pages: The most recent and most popular pages
  • User Visits: See whose been visiting (username/ip/host), how long they stayed, and what pages they viewed
  • Site Discovery: Find out what sites have been referring traffic, and how are people finding you on the search engines
  • Users' System Info: Is your website optimized for your audience?  Find out what browsers they're using, screensizes, operating systems, and what version of Flash they're running 
  • A more detailed graph on your dashboard homepage
  • Browser-side event tracking: track user interactions (like opening a popup or enlarging a photo) that occur between full page loads
  • *New* Locations: view what countries users are from, shown within the user visits panel.
  • *New* Outbound link tracking
  • *New* Add ability to ignore traffic based on user group, IP address, or domain
  • *New* Better caching of data & more efficient loading 
  • *New* Track your own custom events
  • *New* Export your traffic & statistics data to Excel
  • *New* Inspect visits by country with world map. 
  • *New* Search & page through Pages, Events, Referring Searches, & Referrers. 

Note: This package works without any configuration required on most themes, but if it doesn't it's probably because footer_required.php file isn't included in the footer.  Here's some quick instructions on how to add it.


Concrete5 Traffic & Statistics World Map
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