RSS Feed Creator

The concrete5 RSS Feed Creator package allows you to easily create and configure RSS feeds, so that your audience stays better updated about new content on your site.


  • Provide HTML content within your RSS feeds, such as images and links
  • Create RSS feeds with clean URLs like /concrete5/rss/
  • Filter a feed's results by author, site location, or page type
  • Add links to your RSS feeds from anywhere on your site 
  • Manage all the feeds on your site from one central location within your dashboard,
  • Automatically cache feeds, for quicker loading and to reduce the load on your server
  • Integrate with the Stats package, so you know when people are subscribing
  • Includes English, French & German translations

What's included in this package?

  • A new dashboard section for viewing and configuring your RSS feeds
  • A RSS Feed page type
  • The RSS Link block, for adding links to your feeds throughout your website 


Want to see it in action?  Check out the video tutorial.


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