Rapid Paging

The Rapid Ajax Paging block improves the browsing experience on your sites by automatically making links load content through AJAX, rather than using a full page refresh for each click. This means that users can load more pages quicker, since only the new content needs loaded with each request, avoiding having to reload CSS, javascript, and navigation/template images. It works great whether for something as simple as paginated pages (previous 1 2 3 next etc), or even for navigating through an entire site. A similar navigation architecture is used on popular web-apps such as gmail and facebook.

  • Automatically updates the selected page in the Auto-Nav and Date-Navigation blocks.
  • Upload your own custom loading animation image
  • Maintains your browser's forward and back button functionality (disabled in IE6)
  • Optionally load each page into a custom template.
  • Update your page title with each page load (also optional)
  • Automatically scrolls down to hash #anchor links
  • Since pages and links remain the same, it still works great with search engines

Want to see it in action? It's installed on this website, and you can also try editing it.



Need some help? Here's a walk-through tutorial

Note: To configure this package, you must have a solid understand of how css selector rules work. You'll need to specify rules such as "#page #content a" and "#page #body" to tell the block which links to enable and which area to replace.

Also note that although this package does a good job at running most blocks, those blocks that depend upon javascript may need to be customized to work with this package: Further Details ยป

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