Mailing List Video Tutorial

This short video tutorial explains how to use the concrete5 Mailing List system, for letting your users subscribe to various mailing lists and sending out rich-text emails from your dashboard.

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By Jacqui
Can you add a "name" field to collect along with the email address at the time of signup?
By Tony
yes, you can collect other user attributes such as "name".
By SteveinSpain
Hi Tony, I like the look of this and for my real estate business, in conjunction with the real estate add-on I've purchased, it should be exactly what I'm looking for. I understand that I can collect names but what about phone numbers? This is very important to my marketing approach. Thanks in advance, Steve
By Tony Trupp
yeah, you also can set the mailing list package up to collect and/or import other attributes such as phone numbers.
By Jordan
Is there a limit on the number of subscribers allowed?
By Tony Trupp
@jordon: there's no limit the number of subscribers that you're allowed, and there's no recurring montly fee, as is the case with some competing mailing list systems :-)
By Simon
Hi, do you know of anyway to add statistics? preferable analytics, so I can see what bounced and who opened and so forth?
thx in advance
By Tony Trupp
You've got good timing because I actually started working on last night, so it should hopefully be added to the package within the next couple of weeks. I plan on tracking the number of opened emails, and click-throughs. Eventually I may provide some stats on what links were clicked within the mailing, although this will probably happen in a later release of the package. Regarding tracking bounced emails, that's a bit harder to track since it requires pretty tight integration with the mail server. But I do plan on providing a way for you to set up a "Return-Path" email address, we're all bounced email notifications will be forwarded, so you will be able to monitor bounces through that mail-box.
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