Jobs Board Package Tutorial

Managing Listings:

Listings within the Jobs Board package are stored as standard concrete5 pages, using the new Jobs Board Listing page type. The details of each listing is stored as page attributes (aka page properties). After installing the package a new Jobs Board section will be added to your dashboard. From here you can search and create new listings. You can also use concrete5's default dashboard tools to manage your listings, such as the sitemap, or try using the page search and filter your results to show only the Jobs Board Listing page type. Through either interface you'll have access to each listing's page permissions and properties

In newer versions of concrete5 will take advantage of the concrete5 dashboard's composer page creation tool. To use this though, make sure you have at least one "Jobs Board Search" page installed somewhere on your site for the listing pages to be added under! You can also create a new job listing in the same way that you create any other concrete5 page. Just click "Add Page", select the "Jobs Board Listing" page type, and fill out the displayed page properties.

Note that generally you'll want to add all of your listing pages as siblings, under a common parent page, such as the "Jobs Board" page that's installed by default (if you choose to install the sample data). It is required that you use the "Jobs Board Search" page type for this parent page.

Setting up listings search:

You can make your listings searchable with the included Jobs Board Search block. This block allows you to split the display of the search form and the results. For example, you can add the jobs board search block with just the search mode enabled to your homepage, then you can specify a target to have the results show up on another page. That resulting page must have another instance of the Jobs Board Search block installed on it, and should be set to display the results. Alternativity, you could install the search form in a page's sidebar, and the results in the main body area. You can add additional searchable properties when editing the block. Just click the button with the plus sign after selecting a searchable property to add it to the list. Then you can drag them to change their order.

Using the Featured Jobs block:

You may choose to highlight a few of the listings on throughout your site with the Featured Jobs block. You can choose to display these as a static list or an animated slideshow. Most of this is fairly straight forward, but to get listings to display within this block, they must first have the Featured Jobs page property checked.

Customizing the Package:

If you have some basic php and html skills, you can change the way that listings are displayed, or add additional listing attributes. For example, if you'd like to store and display a new attribute for each listing, first create the new page attribute within the dashboard (dashboard->pages & themes->attributes). Then go to the page types tab, click the edit button next to the Jobs Board Listing page type, and make your new attribute one of the default attributes. This will ensure that it will be displayed when you're creating a new listing. Then to make this attribute display on your Jobs Board Listing detail page, you'll need to edit the file /packages/tony_jobs_board/page_types/jobs_board_listing.php. You'll see lots of other examples there of attributes and how they're displayed. It's recommended that you first copy this view to /page_types/jobs_board_listing.php, to prevent it from being overwritten if you do an update. Also be sure to check out the property features page attribute, since that's an easy way to display new job attributes like "minimum education", or "salary", without the need for any custom changes.

If you need to change the way your listings search results are displayed, or to display additional attributes, you will need to manually edit the html view for this block. You should copy the view file from /packages/tony_jobs_board/blocks/tony_jobs_board_search/view.php to /block/tony_jobs_board_search/view.php, to prevent it from being overwritten. If you need to edit the featured jobs block display, you'll want to edit the file /packages/tony_jobs_board/blocks/tony_featured_jobs/view.php.

Need more help?

If you have specific questions about this tutorial, or using the provided blocks, feel free to add a comment below. If you have run into a bug or have a feature request for the jobs board package, please use the Jobs Board package support forum.

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