Integration with ProPhoto or Image Search blocks

The File/Image Details block was designed to integrate with the ProPhoto & Image Search blocks, allowing you to click through for an enlarged version of an image that displays further details. You can set this up in one of two ways:

1) use only one instance of the File/Image Details block to serve all of your images from one page, grabbing the file id from the url's query string. This approach requires less maintenance than the second option, so I recommend going this route. Edit the file-details block, make sure the "Load with URL Query String" radio is selected, and leave "fID" for the query string variable name. Then edit your ProPhoto block, & on the interface tab check "Link images to another page on your site", and select the page where the File/Image Details block is installed.

2) If you'd rather you can also create a new instance of the File/Image Details block on its own page for each image on your site. In this case, through your dashboard->files->attribute section, you'd create a file attribute (of type "text") with a handle of proPhoto_linkURL, and then for each image edit it's properties and assign a value for that proPhoto_linkURL attribute containing a relative URL path or a cID for the enlarged image page.

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