The concrete5 Books Block is a simple way to refer your site's audience to your favorite reading material, and it's free.

Just enter your favorite Book's title or ISBN number. The block will automatically grab the book's title, author, description, and cover image. 

You can also optionally provide links to, Powell's Books, or another book retailer of your choice. 

The book's cover image allows you to set a max width and height, and you can easily place it on the left or above the book information (see screenshots)

Example Books Block:

Concrete5 Beginner's Guide
by R. Laubacher

Create and customize your own website with the Concrete5 Beginner's Guide Follow the creation of a sample site, through the installation, configuration, and deployment of a Concrete5 site Use themes and add-ons to create a personalized site Ideal introduction to using the Concrete5 CMS Part of Packt's Beginner's Guide series - lots of practical examples, screenshots, and less of the waffle In Detail Concrete5 is a content management system for PHP developers. It can be used to build a range of s…

Edit Interface Screenshot:

Concrete5 Books block screenshot
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