Billboards (Homepage Indexed Images Block)

The concrete5 Billboards block lets you cycle through a set of numbered images - often used on homepages.  Works well with images of different heights.

Block Options:  

  • Select Images by Set(s) or by Tag, displayed in any order.
  • Choose how many you want to display.
  • Autoplay (you set the speed), or manual mode
  • Loop playback, or just have each displayed only once
  • Contrain images to a max height and width
  • Choose the position of the image index numbers
  • link each image to unique URLs, or have them all go to the same page (with ?fID= in the querystring), such as a page which has the File Details block on it.
  • Includes English, French, & German translations
  • *New* Protect your images with Digital Watermarks by having them resampled with a semi-transparent company name, website url, or an uploaded image!

For an example of this block, check out the homepage.

Photo/Image Gallery Package Deal: Purchase the Billboards block with the ProPhoto Image Gallery, Image Search, and Image/File Details blocks at at 30% discount.


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