Concrete5 Packages

From mid 2007 to mid 2010 I helped to develop the concrete5 content management system, joining them as part of the core team at OSCON 2008 for the open-source release through the 5.4 release at SXSW 2010. I've since moved on to other projects, but I continue to develop and support my own collection of concrete5 packages... Read More »

ProPhoto Image Gallery

A highly customizable filmstrip style image gallery.

Mailing List System

Sends emails & newsletters to any group, and allows your users to easily subscribe and unsubscribe.

Stats - Concrete5 Traffic & Statistics

A better way to monitor the traffic on your concrete5 site

RSS Feed Creator

Create and configure rich-text feeds for your site, with clean URLs

Popup Block

Make links to other pages on your site open with a popup dialog box. Works with existing blocks & areas.

Real Estate

A complete real-estate solution for realtors wanting to offer searchable property listings on their websites.

Jobs Board

List job openings on your website, and provide an interface for users search, filter, and apply for employment opportunities

Image / File Search

Find images and files by keyword, tag, or attribute

Rapid Paging

Automatically make links load through AJAX, without a full page refresh

Link List

A simple way to manage links and their descriptions

Link System

Let your users suggest links, and display thumbnails for each.

User Info

Display user avatar, info & attributes

Billboards (Homepage Indexed Images Block)

Display a set of images on your website, indexed by clickable numbers to jump to each one.

File/Image Details

Easily display any properties or attributes of a file. Great for making a standalone image or file details page to help with search engine indexing.

Multi-File Attribute (Free)

A new custom attribute type for associating multiple images or files to a page or user.

Books (Free)

Recommend your favorite books, and provide links to Amazon or Powells

Next Previous (Free)

Navigate through sibling pages.